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Al Adam: I live in Westlake Village in Southern California. Moved here in 1977. I'm married to Marilyn and we have twin 4-year old girls, Erica and Allison. I work for Prudential Securities as a financial advisor.

Memories: The awful biology "mouse" project I did with Steve Mitchell; Tastycakes for lunch; dating Donna Baum.

James Adams: I live at 90 Main Street, Vincentown and work for Gower's Landscaping. I still do some farming by helping Pat Giberson.

Judy Allen Misoyianis: Hi Classmates!  I have been living in my hometown of Vincentown, in my 183 year old home, for the past 26 years.  I separated from my husband of 29 years this past October.  I have 4 children.  Twins Michelle and Michael (28), Brett (27 or 6 in leap years) and Craig (22).  Michelle lives with me and is aspiring to be an actress.  She was an extra for the soon to be released movie Jersey Girl.  She also has received numerous poetry awards.  Michael graduated from West Virginia University in '98 with a business degree and moved to Atlanta, GA. He works in the accounting department for In-Zone.  Brett graduated from Burlington County College in '98 and works for an architect firm in Cherry Hill, NJ and lives in Maple Shade, NJ.  Craig is a senior at West Virginia University majoring in Political Science and English.  No marriages or grandchildren yet.  For the past 19 years I have worked as an administrator for a lobbyist organization in Trenton, NJ.  On a little inspirational note, now that we are all in our 50's, I completed a triathlon, which was a 1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike ride and 3 mile run (I jogged) in my hometown at the age of 50 (and I said I could never do it). Never say never! It took a tremendous amount of discipline (I trained daily for 6 months) and determination, but I did it! As Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

I am looking forward to our 35th class reunion.  All 4 of my children graduated from Lenape ('93,'94 and '99) and I told all of them that the Class of 69 was still the best!

Memories: My fondest memories of Lenape are the dances (I still love to bristol stomp), football games and being the Lenape Indian mascot my senior year with Diane Bott.  Great Times!

Kathy Anderson Cantiello: I still live in South Jersey in a little town called Gibbsboro.  It is about 1/2 mile from Echelon Mall.  I've been married for 30 years to Bill.  We have two children, Kristen (28) and Billy (27).  We also have twin grandsons who will be 7 in Feb.  I am retired from Allstate Ins., where I was an adjuster for four years. After that I was a chiropractic assistant for three years.

Memories: I remember being terrified the first day of freshman year and worrying if I could find my way around and not be late for class.  I also remember fondly senior year and being able to sit in senior court while underclassmen walked to class.  There was cutting school and heading to the shore for the day.  Kathy Kotula, Marilyn O'Neal and I did that frequently.

Sue Anderson-Baber We live in Naperville, Il.  Have lived here for 10 years, after traveling through Germany, D,C. Conn, Texas, Va. and Pa.  Love it here. We have 4 children David, Cynthia, Katherine, and Bradley, and that has been my life focus. Now that the grandchildren are arriving, I can see what a gift that is.

Memories: As we get older.........maybe just more mature, there are many lessons from our times there at Lenape. Hopefully we have all learned from them.  I think I might have.

Mike Angstadt: Live in  Ottumwa Iowa, been married for 30 years to same person, we
have one son Brian who just graduated from Yale University wher he played football, he now works in New York City. I am sales and marketing manager for nationwide manufacturing company. Before that I coached basketball at Indian Hills Junior college Where we won 3 straight National championships 1997-98-99 with a 112-3 record . Figured it wouldn't get any better and got burned out on coaching the youth of today. Hoping to retire to sanibel  island florida in next 5 years.

Memories: Playing Basketball for Coach Caputo and how we never could get it done.
George William Rice Jr. on the radio, drinking root beer at Bill Copperwaiths farm, and parties at Drew Griffiths house in Medford Lakes.

John Arkema: I have been living in Vincentown since 1985.  I supervise and teach at Delran High School.  My daughter, Leighanne, attends Rowan University.  She is going to be an Art Teacher.  We board a horse at Joan Feeley's Farm, Buttonwood Stables, right around the corner, so I still have to see Joan.  She looks great, despite her age.  My favorite hobbies are fishing and boxing. Afterall, I got beat up enough times at Lenape, for my quiet mouth

Memories: All the good times we had doing all the bad things.  Many Fond memories with friends,Rich Haines, Bruce Clark, Steve Kucinski, Mike Moore, Dave Harvey, Charlie Lehman and many others. All the days we cut and went to Garden State Race Track or to my house on Long Beach Island. One day we were riding to the Shore on Route 72.  We looked over and Mr. Galtere was riding next to us.

Cathy Baglio Dilorenzo:   I must thank MaryKay for putting me in touch with this website and getting re-acquainted with so many of my high school buddies.   I was on my way to NYC to see Rod Stewart and this lovely lady asked me if I was Cathy Baglio, and my reply was sort of.  I really had no idea to whom I was conversing, and it was MaryKay.  Anyway, here I am again.  Let's see, since graduation I have been involved mainly with raising my two children, George now 25 and Jocelyn, now 21.  I have taught 5th and 6th grade Social Studies, did the child rearing piece, and then went to teach high school for 10 years.  Finally at age 50, I completed my Masters Degree.   I am now in my second career as a high school Guidance Counselor at Princeton High School-a very wealthy and stressful district.  I don't ever plan on retiring-not at least for 20 more years.  I still love to sing and can't wait to see everyone at our 35th Reunion. 

Memories:   I can still see Mr. and Mrs. Ferry ice skating and dancing with one another, and long to smell the old Friday night bonfires that preceded Saturday football.  I can also see Sue Shadell applying her make-up for hours in the school bathroom.   Those were great days.


Bob Bartello: I live in Medford with my wife of 25 years, Sue, and our two daughters. Stacey, age 23, graduated from Shawnee and Salisbury University, She teaches English at BCIT in Medford. Jenny, age 20, graduated from Shawnee and is a student at Richard Stockton College.  I've lived in the area since high school and started my own construction business about 23 years ago.

Charles BatesStill living in South Jersey area. Married and have two daughters. Been employed as an electronic technician since graduating. Also spent time as a mobile DJ. Hobbies include electronics (old radio restoration), collecting records and cd's, and music.

Mark Beckett: Living in South Pasadena, CA.  Teaching school and selling Real Estate. Son a junior in college and a daughter freshman in high school.

Alain Bianco: I currently live in Irvine, Calif.  My wife Tammy grew up in Calif. I have a son Philip Bianco, who lives in Milford, Conn.. And a daughter Leah Halderman who lives in Escondido, Ca. I also have two grandsons Thomas  5yrs and Tyler almost 2yrs. I am an Account Representative for a Distributor of Heating and Air Cond. supplies. I am trying to get my memory cells to work at remembering who most people are. I know that the old year book will have to guide my memories. I joined the Navy about a year after High School. Vietnam was going strong and my number had come up for the draft. I decided to join the Navy. Much to my surprise I tried out and passed the rigorous training and Volunteered for The Seals. I do come out to New Jersey about every other year to visit my sister and my mom.  They live in South Hampton. I was just out the beginning of January. I plan to come out for the reunion in 2004. Please forgive me if I don't remember everyone.

Christine Blakney Biggs: I've stayed in S.Jersey,been in Marlton for the last 15yrs. Married to Dave for 31yrs. (He passed away a year ago.)I have three girls.Lisa 24,Kim and Lynne are 22.Kim has Sonya,2yrs,and Lisa has Jordan Elizabeth 4mos.They all live with me.AGH! A girls dormatory.I've been an othopedic nurse at Rancocas Hosp.(Now called Lourdes Medical Center of Burl.Co.)for 30yrs. Are we really this old?

Memories: The junior class play. "A pennant for the Kremlin" Had a ball. That goofy french teacher.What was his name? The "status" of Senior Court.

Warren Bowen: I moved to California in 1976.  Currently I am living in Victorville, Ca.  I am on my second career cause I screwed up my first one.  I am attending Azusa Pacific University and I am studying to be a teacher.  Lemme see,hmmmmmmmm, I recently married the most wonderful woman on the planet.  I am trying not to become as wide as I am tall.  I would like to get outa college before I die of old age.  I feel kinda lucky cause I still have to get hair cuts, and have most of my own teeth, (not store-bought.)  Upon graduation, I hope to work in a charter school system (alternative education) and help students with learning disabilities realize they can be successful.  I would like to tell everyone that I am 6'3" tall and built like a Greek God, but that would be lying. I am old, fat, and outa shape.  If I went surfing today I would drown, and if I stepped on the ice to play hockey I would likely have a heart attack.  Can I update this when I get in shape?

Memories: Surfing with Mark Hopkins and Glenn Hinkle at Long Beach Island.  Playing ice hockey on Medford and Birchwood Lakes.  Fishing with Mike McClatchey. I really didn't like high school.  I had a few close friends, but did not enjoy my time spent there.  (I think they let me out just to get rid of me.)

Bill Boyar: Attorney with Boyar & Miller, Houston, Texas (

Married since 1981 to Pam

Justin, born 1985
Sam, born 1988

Debbie Capotrio Marland: Hi to everyone. Live in Broomall, PA. Not too far away.  Married with 2 adult boys, Jon, 25 an Accountant lives in Delaware and getting married in May, and Mike 23 a computer programmer trying to get an entry level job and currently working for me, and I manage a large floor covering store. Haven't been in touch with anyone since I moved oujt of the area in the late 70's. Smile when I remember tough as nails, sweet as wine, we're the class of 69.

Memories: Drinking parties in Vincentown......

Ann Cleeland Wittman: Hi to all---I live in Port St. Lucie, FL and work with my husband,Ron as a real estate investor and landlord. Duplexes in Hobe Sound and Stuart. Work a few days a month and enjoy life the rest of the time. We have 5 children between us (2 are mine) and five grandchildren.

Memories: I'm glad to be out of high school!!!!!
My best memories would be related to field hockey and the other girl's sports that I attempted to play. I also enjoyed my stint as the WLHS weathergirl just so I could get out of homeroom and looking at that hideous two headed calf in th Future Farmers of America room!! Hi to Dee Pennypacker who is godfather to my daughter and Fred Zeile, Tom Maser and Bob Brick. We all go back to Milton H. Allen School in Medford where I used to cry in class when I didn't understand the math!!
I am enjoying now so much more than the stress of high school.

Grace Cliver Hicks: We presently live in Vincentown. I met my husband, Frank when he was stationed at McGuire AFB and I was working as a civil service employee at Fort Dix. We've been married 30 years. We have 2 children, Jeff, 23, and Jodie,19. My husband, Frank is an electrical engineer at BE&K in Newark, DE and I've been teaching school for 22 years. Our son, Jeff graduated from The College of New Jersey in May, 2002 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Our daughter, Jodie is a sophomore at The College of New Jersey and is majoring in Electrical Engineering. Jeff has applied to dental school at UMDNJ in Newark, NJ.
My husband, Frank is from Satsuma, Alabama (near Mobile), where he and I finished college at the University of South Alabama. We lived in Mobile for 5 years. We moved to Houston, Texas in 1978, where both of our children were born. We lived there for 7 years. Frank worked for Brown and Root and I taught school in the Fort Bend ISD, for 5 years.  We moved back to NJ in 1985.
Our children graduated from Lenape,Jeff in the class of 97 and Jodie in the class of 2001. As a matter of fact, Jodie won a 1984 red Camarro at her Lenape graduation. None of us could believe it...but she has it at college now and continues to enjoy it! My sister is married to Ted Steinmetz.  Ted is retired from teaching at Shawnee.

Alma Corbin(Amsha-Moyo Jackson): I am married, and have one son Terrence Patterson age 27. I am living in San Diego, CA. My husband, Richard and I run a home-base business. I look forward to hearing from any my classmates.

Memories: I was the Frehman Class President.

Bruce Crain and his wife live in Merchantville, NJ. They have two girls: 22 and 19. Bruce works as a Computer Operator/Operations Manager.

Updated February 16, 2003

Computer Operator.  Presently unemployed working as a cab driver till I find a permanent job in the computer industry.  I live in Merchantville, NJ with my wife Loretta with our two cats, scrunge and puffy.

Memories: I remember the great times we had at the football games both home and away on the many buses we use to take to games.  Also have fond memories of the pep rally's.

Linda Cronk Keegan:  I moved to Delran, NJ in 2000 but previously lived in Riverton, NJ for 25 years where I raised my children from my first marriage with the help of my second husband, Rich. We have no children together but have both reaped the joys and trials of raising Chelsea (married,also a teacher,29 years old with 2 daughters of her own now--3 yrs old and 5 months old--soooo cute!) and Jared (24 years old and now attending Valley Forge Christian College-training in "Urban Ministry")

It took me about 10 years and 2 kids to realize my "hippie days" were over and that it was a miracle I was still alive... & with brain cells left! as a single mom...and with some "divine" intervention from strong Christian friends.... I started college at the age of 29, obtained a B.A. in Business Admin. and teacher certification at age 35, remarried in 1985, taught for 15 years in the Burlington Twp Sch. District, got my Masters in School Counseling and am now a Counselor at Mt. Laurel Schools... where I started.

Memories: Teachers have incredible impact on their students.......Mrs. Annette Gohagen ("Business" English) and Mrs. Virginia Cramer (Typing, Steno) These two female teachers helped me believe I could make it through college...that I had something to offer...even 34 years after High School graduation I am still grateful to them.

....My husband is a Vice Principal at Maple Shade High School....they had the best dances there in "our day".... I'm still hangin'out in "the Shade"!

Michael Patrick Daly: I am a registered nurse, currently working with paralysis patients in their homes. I have been happily married to Mary Ann (class of '80)for over 17 years. We enjoy living by the beach in Ocean City, NJ. To the class of 1969- What a long, strange trip it's been!

Memories: I know I must have been there because I can't remember anything!

Eric G. Daxon: I am currently in San Antonio, TX. Still in the Army and married to Joanne for the past 28 years. We have five children and 1.5 grand children. I am still in the Army stationed at Ft. Sam Houston but will retire in the next couple of years. Hopefully I will be able to persue my two hobbies - blues harmonica and fishing.

Memories: I don not think I will ever forget Mr. Steinmetz and Coach Maskas.

Bonnie (Beebe) DeFini: I am living in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Have been in Florida for 3 years now and after the last visit to NJ for Thanksgiving, I have to say, Florida has become home.  (Never thought I would say that)  I have 3 children; Toni, 32 is in Colorado, Kristen, 20 is in Florida, and Eddie, 14 is in Florida. Toni blessed me with a grandaughter, Natassia.  She is now 7. Have been divorced for 1 year after 32 years but I'm doing good. I have had several careers, but am presently the Pastoral Administrative Assistant.  That's just a fancy name for secretary.

Memories: I remember good friends,  my band uniform and parties in Medford.

Suzanne Dillenschneider Walsh:After high school I tried attending college but couldn’t bear the structure.  I thought I knew it all anyway (didn’t we all at 19) so I quit to work in Philadelphia in various executive secretarial positions growing into legal assistant positions in a couple of Philly law firms.  Having had enough of that bullcockie, I moved on to a scientific institute in Philly for 14 years working in the human resources department where I learned to work with employees from all backgrounds - real people – all of the worker bees, down to earth, kinds of people.  During the course of this time, I became engaged and disengaged twice.  In 1992 I met the love of my life, Harry Walsh, whose family owned the 2nd oldest liquor license in the City of Philadelphia (how lucky can I get) and married him in June of 1994 on the hottest day in the history of my short life in Philadelphia.  We have no children – only kits.  Harry tired of shoveling snow and other stuff in Delaware County, PA and decided we could live as happily ever after in a warmer climate.  So we moved to Ormond Beach, Florida in January of 2000, during a 14” snow storm, which sealed the commitment of this move to both of us.  It took a year for us to adjust to Flor-i-duh what with their chads, dimpled chads, and pregnant dimpled chads, clans, bolt & nut stores, wally worlds, bike week, biktoberfest and car racing fans.  Not to mention palmetto bugs, fire ants, big black ants, spiders the size of a football field and snakes.  And did I mention how bad the economy is down here?  Well there’s my life in a nutshell. 

 Memories: I remember being terrified in the freshman bleachers the first day of school, praying they would pronounce my last name (Dillenschneider) correctly so I wouldn’t be embarrassed.  They stumbled over it, I survived.

 A very fond memory is of the Friday night dances, Motown music, line dances, sloooohh songs and BOYS!! Yahoo!

Laura Donadio DelValle: I stayed in south Jersey all these years, mostly in Gloucester Co. Currently living in Williamstown. I've been seperated for 23 years, my babies (Marissa 29 and Jared 27) have babies of their own. so I have 2 grand daughters and a new one on the way. I have been a service engineer for Medical Imaging products for 13 years now, and was a roofing/siding/concrete sub-contracter for the 10 years before that.

Memories: The dances!  We went to 2 or 3 a week, best one was Maple Shade Firehall!   "Going steady" with Billy Mitchell for almost 3 years, but breaking up like once a month and "dating" other guys.  Going roller skating (as a class event on school buses because Mr. and Mrs. Ferry loved to skate!).  Hanging out with Bob and Gary (I was one of the guys with them!) spending sooooo much time in that darn suspension room!!  Valerie and I living down the "Italian girls with big boobs wearing black leather coats" rep!!  Going to Germany with Miss Ferg in our Senior year...and surviving  :)

Paul W Drehmann: I am a computer specialist and I work for Massachusetts Financial Services. I had been located in Boston, MA. MFS opened an office in Phoenix, AZ and I accepted a transfer last August to move out here. I really like it.

Dan Easlick: Living in Alabama, married to the best woman in the world for 31 years. Retired from Camden Police Dept. thank the Lord. We have a Son and Daughter and 5 grandchildren.

Memories: Great teachers, great janitors, and Mr. Ritter the best coach ever. I seem to remember a cattle crossing sign that got moved. Thank you Mr.Castle I will never forget you.

Denise Firestone Leon-Guerrero: Living in Roseville, California with husband of 27 years and three teenage children.

Mr. John Johnson, the Calculus teacher, who inspired me to major in math at Trenton State College and go on to earn my master's in math.

Robert "Bobby" Fitzpatrick: Against all odds graduated from High School.  Haunted by earlier underachievement I completed Ministerial Studies at Berean College, Microsoft Certified System Engineering at BCIT, three Trades Programs at Lyons Technical Institute and Lean Six Sigma Project Management Certification from Mercer College and LMCO. I also had one of the 76 songs I have written and produced on the radio in 1987. Although it flopped it was my “15 minutes of fame”.

Dated former Class of ’71 cheerleader in 1971 and married in 1974. Lasted for 20 years and yielded two attractive (like their Mother) and talented (like their Father) children.
Talk about oil and water------.

In my 20th year working for Lockheed.  Presently working as Process Improvement Project Manager. Also work part time for several Colleges teaching “quick start” music and computer courses I developed 15 years ago. Completely restored two older homes.
I play 60’s music in Bands and with my Son as time permits. My wife and I just completed motorcycle training last year and love touring on our new bikes. (She looks HOT in Harley attire!)

Rose (class of ’72 Trenton) is a Nurse Practitioner and Professor for the College of N.J.  She takes great care of many patients, including me. It is a storybook relationship.  Wish I met her in the ‘60’s. We love Cruising and Tropical ports of call.  Spend a lot of vacation time in Key West – Naples – Palm Beach – Cayman Is. Hoping to travel to Europe after the “high” alert issue(s) are assuaged.

We still hail from Jersey but look forward to retiring to the South in 3 years.
Any recommendations about Florida living would be appreciated.

Memories: Sleeping in 1st and 2nd period class after coming right from night shift.

Robert B. Gain, Jr.  I live in Greensboro, NC with my wife. I have 2 daughters. Danielle graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy from Boston University, May, 2003. Nicole will be sophmore at Boston University in September, majoring in Business. I have a B.S. in Health Information Management from the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fl. I currently work at Randolph County Mental Health (Soon to be Sandhills Center)as Director, Health Information Management in Asheboro, NC.; and currently volunteer as an EMT at Ash-Rand Rescue and EMS, Asheboro, NC and currently serve as Training Officer.

Memories: The many great times we had during our senior year working at the football games and working on the Senior Corral. I enjoyed hanging around with many neat classmates the 4 years at Lenape.

Wendy Gardner Entwistle: Married for 33+ years--3 children-- daughter 30, married, a son 24,married, and a son,20,in college.We still live in the Lenape district--moving last year from Medford to Southampton (Vincentown, in our high-school days!).Im still managing a bookstore in Moorestown--while making time for 3 grandchildren, and get-aways to our little summer place on Chincoteague Island,VA. Looking forward to seeing old friends at the reunion!

Memories: One Id rather forget--Marching Band and the "real" feather head gear!!

Caryl Gibbs Boggs: Married Vollie Boggs in 1969. Before he retired from the USAF in 1990 we lived in several parts of the country including Wyoming, Illinois, Florida, England and finally SC where Volie owns and manages Meineke here in Sumter. I have a masters plus 30 , teach 6th grade math and produce the weekly video program for the school. We have 4 children, all married, and 5 grandchildren with one on the way. We are actively involved in our church, choir,I play piano/organ/vibraharp, and teach Sunday School. I dedicated my life to the Lord at an early age and am thankful for all His blessings through the years! He has been my strenghth and shield!

Memories: Our majorette routines at the football games, enjoying a hot day and the cheers like "Push 'em back shove 'em back, way back!"

Mary Kay Gillen Baker: divorced and living in medford lakes. 2 girls, kelly is 26, and a team manager for macys inc. in washington dc. jaclyn is 17 and getting ready to graduate from shawnee in june. 2 step-sons, jimmy and curt, who have made me a grandmom, and i'm loving every minute of it. sang for many years with a band in and around jersey and phila. went back to school in the 90's , and got my ba in criminal justice from rowan. i now work for the camden county prosecutors office as a  domestic violence counselor.

i spent 4 wonderful years at lenape, and wish i had been a better student instead of trying to run every activity  !!!!! dances in the gym, phila. oldies and motown, line dances(only kids from phila.and nj can dance) girls basketball team, gwen, eileen, syd,micki,patti anne,diane, and fishface..... cruising from #1 beach to the sandwich shop to lucky 7..... we were blessed. by the way, just how many people were at my graduation party.....

Bob Gimbel: Back living in Marlton, married for 28 years.  Daughter 26 yr., married.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

James Graziano: Hi to all Lenapians...I have been living in florida the past for years. I live in Bradenton Fla. on the gulf side about 45 minutes below tampa. One exit from Sarasota Fla. I am semi retired and have my own music ministry at the Manasota Chapel... We will be playing other church's in the future. Fortunatly the people have recieved us here well. We are more contemporary band. Our group is (Poets of Justice)-Means - (Writers for the LORD). We do our own music and script writing for short Plays we will be performing... Any, I cannot wait for the Reunion and see everyone..... With the Love of Jesus, Jimmy - GRAZ - Graziano

Memories: Me and Chris Garrido picking up chicks in my dads Cadillac. I mean 2 good looking Italians cruzin the streets in style.  I mean, what chance did these girls have. Ha! Ha!

Ellen Griffith Loehman: I left Lenape midway through my sophomore year, so I didn't get to have fun with you all. But I still consider Lenape my high school, and the kids from Mt. Laurel my classmates. We moved to California, where I went to college (Berkeley), got married & divorced, and had a career (research chemist). When I remarried, we moved to Albuquerque, where I have been living for almost 21 years.  I currently teach high school and do a variety of things. We have three children (mine, his, ours) - Michael 30 Rachel 28, and Matthew 18.

That was soooooo long ago. I do remember Mr. Mimlitsch drawing pictures of worms having sex. I guess that's what passed for sex education in those days. I remember many band practices and football games and riding home on the late bus.

Herb Grover and Linda Moyer Grover: Herb is a professor of biology at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX. Linda is Director of Institutional Research for Hardin-Simmons. Linda and Herb have been sweethearts since their junior year at Lenape (they were introduced by Ted Steinmetz) and have been married since 72'. We have two children - Dennis, 26; and Becky, 21. No grandchildren. Both Dennis and Becky are or will be graduates of Hardin-Simmons. After Herb completed a BA in biology at Rider, Linda completed a BS in Math Education at Glassboro (Rowan), and Herb did an MS in Botany at Rutgers, we left NJ in 77' for Herb to pursue a doctorate in ecosystems ecology at the University of New Mexico. We have lived in New Mexico; Ithaca, NY; NM again; and have been in Abilene since 95'. Herb's career has included university teaching, research, project manager in environmental compliance at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and now teaching again. Life is good for us - we have a 100 acre farm where we spend all of our "extra" money raising horses, wheat, and just enjoying nature. Although I am the least talented in the group, see for information on the "roots" or "americana" or "gospel" group I have played with for the past 8 years.

Memories: Ted Steinmetz trying to demolish the chemistry lab with his "experiments". He got Linda and I together so that she could help me with redox equations - I still don't get them! I also remember great times with Vernon Watson, Jerry Mallernee, Mike Sprague (class of 70?) and many others.

Catherine Hartman (Carter-Harrison): I am currently happily married and living in Cape May County. I have a 31 y/o daughter with 3 lovely grandsons and a 30 y/o son with a grand???? on the way. Two stepdaughters and a wonderful sometimes neighbor named Bobby. I would love to hear from old friends.

Howard Huston: My wife Karen and I live in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  Just 15 minutes from Ocean City.  My Daughter Amanda is married and works for New Century Truck co. She lives in Hainsport.  She is expecting her first child in September.  My son Matt also works for New Century. He lives in Lumberton.  I have worked for the NJ American Water Co. for 27 years.  My wife is a manager at Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Pt. We have 3 dogs. The only person I have seen since graduation is Kathy Coverly and her husband in Ocean City. It will be great to see some old friends.

Memories: I remember  Mr. De Febo,  Mr . Fuhs and Ms. Ferg.  I also remember parking out in front of the school and getting detention.

Bob Jacobs tells us that he's doing "Truth-Honor-Knowledge."

Presently he's a combustion engineer working in Nashville, Tn. Bob is also married with two kids. His brothers are in NJ and PA.

Memories: I miss the old physics lab and TastyCakes

Bill Jones  I live in Madison, NJ with my wife Mary Ellen and two cats, Wilbur and Orville. I work in New York as the Investment professional in the family office of former Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon (who incidentally passed away on Jan. 10, 2003).

Memories: There are so many of them.  The Junior Prom, where we were serenaded by Liberace (instead of any number of other talents who appeared at the Latin Casino).  Watching Fred Schwartz juggle in his Chemistry class. Mr. Johnsen's math classes.  Lots of others come to mind as well.

Patty Jones Mehus  Live in Greenville, SC and have ever since I graduated from college. It's a beautiful part of the country---close to beaches and close to the mountains. My husband passed away but we had three daughters, all in their thirties. I have 2 wonderful sons-in-law and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am an office manager in a local private high school. Just moved to a brand new home and love it. Looking forward to retiring in a couple of years!

Memories: Loved my years at Lenape and look back with some great memories. Loved Miss Sanferarro's math class and Mr. Steinmetz's chemistry class. Enjoyed my music classes and enjoyed cheerleading and competing in gymnastics. My parents have passed away and our my favorite home in Birchwood Lakes is now owned by another family. Lots of great memories there, as well. Michael Angstadt....what can I say? Voted “Cutest Couple”. He was the love of my life in high school.

Dorthea Keffer Jones:  I'm married to my husband George for 21 years now and still living in Marlton.  I have two daughters, Jennifer 18 and a freshman at Stockton College and Jaclyn 15 a Freshman at Cherokee High School.  I have a step-son who is 28.  I work for the Borough of Magnolia as their Chief Financial Officer/Tax Collector.

Maryalice Kerns Jewell: I got married and moved to Michigan in 1970. Now divorced but enjoying life. I have 3 children and 3 grand children. I am self employed with my own company. Since moving out of NJ I have never run into anybody over the years. It would be nice to see some of you again.

Memories: Packing as many friends into a car and heading out in search of can goods for the can good drive. We would use as many free periods as we could get away with. All in the name of the can good cause. What fun we had doing it. Kids don't know what good fun is all about these days.

Dick Knipping: I`ve lived in Winterport Maine for 22years . Still married to Molly (vogelman 70 ) . We have 2 boys , Rich 24 , third year at N.Y. Chiropractic college and Josh 22 , who is a Honda tech and pro motocross rider. I own Freedom Auto Body in Bangor Maine and also a partner in a used car bussiness. In my spare time I`m still playing the drums in a six piece blues band . I`m also a pilot , flying and fishing from Maine to the arctic tundra. I have not been back to the Medford area since I left ,heard it`s like the city .Happy I live in the woods!!!! How about a reunion ?

Gary Koenitzer: I'm still standing here walking, but I'm starting to gain some confidence... since you know I have lasted this long. Besides that I am the big ( no I mean really fit and in shape) CEO  of which sells music and art , you know since I could'nt make a decent buck as a dummer. People kept covering their ears? Dick ? Did they do that to you too ? 

Memories: Ummmmm I remember a lot of stuff I still can't tell any one about ... I mean a lot.... really really a lot. No Lori I'm not telling you either you already know too much and you still don't know that much. ( Still playing that quiet mysterious type person to the end! )

Dan Lattimore: This is Dan Lattimore from Flower Mound Texas (just north of Dallas). I have been married 26 years, three children and work as a Marketing Manager,  making all the cartography for Verizon Information Services-look in your Verizon telephone directory for the maps.

Bob Lohrmann: I live in West Chester, PA with my partner, John Lilley, of 23 years. Work in DC at the Kennedy Center where I direct (and sometimes perform in) the long running hit comedy "Shear Madness". Spent a lot of time in Europe touring with John in the 80s and 90s.

Jerry Mallernee: is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force stationed at Randolph AFB Texas with 25+ years in the military. Jerry and his second wife Lydia have 5 children: Kristy 23 (step daughter), Anthony 22, Tim 19 (step son), Randy 19, and Benson 18 (stepson). Jerry has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Information Systems Management.

Memories:Those were the good old days. Think about everyone and wonder what they are doing and how much they have changed.

Joyce Magee Worley: Hi to everyone!  I now live in Greenville, SC.  My kids are grown and married - son Josh is 27 and daughter Jessica is 24.  Have lived in Jamestown, NC, Scottsdale, AZ and Mt. Laurel, NJ before moving to Greenville.  My son attended Lenage for his freshman year before we moved in 1992.  I am now divorced and a marketing coordinator for a manufacturer of specialty office furniture.  I have 2 grandsons and they are great (sometimes I can't believe I am a grandmother! - time marches on).  It has been very interesting to read about former classmates.  Hope to hear from any one remembers me!

Memories: I remember the Smoke Signal, Senior Court, and football games.  Good times -most of it!

Patti Martin Heinemann: Now residing in Greenbank,W.V. home of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Snowshoe Ski and Golf Resort. Married 30+ years to childhood crush Jerry Heinemann from Audubon,N.J.(we attended Sunday Schools together and I promised to marry him when I grew up when I was 5 yrs.old). We have 10 children, 7 boys and 3 girls and 7.5 grandchildren at this time. I have a degree in nursing and worked in a nursing home for many years which is heartbreaking work and my husband finally got tired of me coming home crying . So I tried my own home based business which was okay but didn't set the world on fire. After a crippling accident I now work at a local ski resort. I am a supervisor for activities which means I take care of all the fun stuff. I haven't made it to any reunions because I really have been busy. But the kids are grown now and with only 2.5 (one is in college) at home I have a lot more time for things I'd like to do. See y'all there!

Brad Slamp taking me on my first date ever to see James Bond. Drew Griffith getting really ticked when I aced a pop quiz in geometry that the rest of the class failed. Hiding books inside my notebook and reading during study hall. Mrs. Ferris, pep ralleys and Friday nite dances. The day my whole lunch table got called to the office except me and Lynn Rourke! Cutting classes for the lure of Long Beach Island!!!!

Doug Mathis: After getting out of the Army in 1972 I moved to a Beach Town just north of San Diego Ca. I was married in 1986 and now divorced. We moved to Park City Ut in 1998. I love living here. Still has asmall town feel. Like most places it is growing. The 2002 Olympic winter games were a blast. I ski every chance i get in the summer I mountain bike, river raft, hike, and I even play golf. I am still Painting my work is starting to sell! I was running a small Art Galley here in Park City. Currently unemployed anybody got a job for me?

Memories: Ditching School to go Surfing on Long Beach Island with Tom Wolf, Making out with........( a gentelmen never tells) for hours on end. Hanging out at The Sandwich Shoppe listening to Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels on the Jukebox.

Pat Meyer Cary: I'd love to hear form anyone in the class of 69. Just imagine most of us are hitting 50 this year! I think it's great. I'm still living in Chesapeake,VA with husband, Donald and two kids.Brian 24 and Jeff 16. I think we need to have a reunion. If we've had one I never knew about it. E-mail me info on people and I'll try to get it started.

Can you believe we were allowed to "smoke" in Senior Court

Steve Mitchell: I am, and have been, an Environmental Scientist for the NC Dept of Natural Resources in Water Quality. 25+ years.  Married Sherry (PIO for NC American Red Cross) 19 years ago.  Got a place to the Eastard and fish in the big pond as often as possible.

Cutting class and heading to the beach.
Senior Court and California's car for quick get aways.

Margaret Migiani-Schukay: I had been living in Marlton with my husband, Ron, of almost 29 years. We have 2 children, Tracy age 26 and Ronald, Jr., age 24. We moved to Florida 1 1/2 year ago for a change of life style. Our son and daughter-inlaw have blessed us recently with a granddaughter. They also live in Florida. I have returned to school and will become an RN in the next year. Anyone want to chat about old times,,,email me at

Joe Moore: Well lets see I'm remarried, living in Williamstown. I work at Maryhville Drug Rehab as a detox counselor and SJI co-ordinator. I vacation in Maine and Ocean City NJ. I am looking forward to hearing from everybody.

to many to list

Diane Papale Ranoldo: I stayed pretty close to home. I live in Tabernacle,NJ. I am trying to sell my house ( anyone interested lol.... ) and I am presently unemployed. I have 1 son, Kevin, who also happens to be a DJ. I am a widow...husband passed away in 97'.                               Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!!! 

Memories: Hmmmmm...let's see........Mary Leone and I getting caught smoking in the girls room was a riot.  You would have had to be there to appreciate it!!!

Paul Penacoli: Home: 137 Windsor Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033
                        Family: Married to Cathy, three sons: Joe, Paul and Brian.
                        Business: Commercial Equipment

DeWitt Pennypacker lives in Lumberton N.J , married with children Adam 16. Emelie 15, Meghan 12 . DeWitt has been trading off teaching and construction for thirty (oh God) years .. currently Building Trades Instructor and Head Teacher at BCIT-West (that's the old vo-tech, now we are the Institute) . haha. DeWitt is coming up on a run for third term in political office next year, currently serving as Mayor of Lumberton Twp. NJ

Memories: just think what it would have been like if if we all knew then what we know now, Fred Schwartz REALLY does look like Einstein now and someone get a hold of Bende, reunion is up next year!

Randy Pichtelberger I am the owner of Eastern Shore Marine Service,Inc. in Chestertown,which is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.We work on yachts and sail boats thirty foot and up.I have been single since 1994 and have a son who is 9 years old. I kind of got a late start there. I left Medford,went to technical school,then college, and to this day I still have to go once a year for updates and new product training

Memories: The fist day of school because I new they wouldn't pronounce my last name properly. The dances in the gym and graduation. It is hard to believe that you won't see some of your class mates again.

Steve Rehnberg  Raise horses, fly planes, snowmobile in the winter and jet ski in the summer. In between these activities, I'm the CFO of an asphalt manufacturing company while my wife, Ann, owns and operates one of the five remaining "kiddie-land" amusement parks in the nation. For those who wonder why the wind always blows in Idaho, it's because Wyoming sucks.

Memories: Memories are the second thing to go. I can't remember the first.

Rose Ryan-McKinley is now living in the area (Mt. Laurel) and has a managment consulting business, Ryan,McKinley & Associates, Inc. She helps companies in with compensation, union relations, benefits, training etc.... She has been married for 20 years and has a son, Ryan 12 years old. One of his classmates is Fred Schwartz's daughter. Rose says,"Can you imagine my first "back to school" night with "Mr. Schwartz" sitting next to me." Ryan just joined the Lenape Jr. Wrestling club and one of his coaches is Brian Faulkner (class '70).

Memories: Who was the first kid to wear long hair?

Gwen Savidge Loesche: I'm living in Medford, married to Rick for 31 years. We have 2 kids, Rick age 20, a sophmore at The College of New Jersey, Kristine age 19, a freshman at Bloomsburg University.

Barbara Shusterman Folkman: Bob and I recently moved to Duncan, South Carolina. We are in the Northwest corner of the state.  We have two children, Brian 27 and Barbara 25.  Brian is single and Barb has been married almost one year.  Not a granny yet! 

Our 50 - 0 Softball Record!  Lots of friends and lots of laughs!  Friday night dances were the best!

Valerie Sciretta Setliff: Left Jersey in 1969 to attend Strayer University in Washington DC. Received a B.S. in Business Teacher Education - Computer Programming. Married Roy in 1975 and have two children. Lindsay is 25, lives in Scottsdale, AZ and is receiving her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in August 2002. Jonathan is 20 and attends James Madison University with a major in Computer Information Systems. I have lived in Virginia since 1969 and we own a Piggly Wiggly Supermarket.

Brad Slamp:  I met my wife, Robin, in college and we've been married 29 yrs. We've lived in Haddon Heights for 28 yrs. We have 1 daughter, Tracy, 24 yrs old, who is married to Rob Bradshaw, son of Dave Bradshaw (Lenape '69). Tracy (University of DE 2001 BSN) is a Labor & Delivery Nurse at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and Rob (Rowan University 2001 BA) has his own businesses - R1Violin Studio and The Kings Court String Ensemble, both in Haddonfield.

I graduated from Rutgers, New Brunswick with a BA in Mathematics. I work for Computer Sciences Corp. I'm the Senior Manager for Network Engineering Services Global Management Center in Newark, DE.

I love to sail, do woodworking, canoe, work on genealogy research and spend time with family & friends. Robin & I are volunteers with Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. of NJ. We are a foster home and have also adopted a beautiful golden, Sammie.


Melissa R. Strait: (went back to my maiden name after the divorce) I live in Melbourne, FL...have been on the Space Coast for over 20 years, although I did spend about 4 years on the West Coast in St. Petersburg.

I have 2 grown sons, Jacob Timothy (25) and Michael Rian (22).  I've been divorced from Al Nescio for about 12 (WOO HOO :-)!)and did the single-mom thing for a long time.  A few years ago, I met a man who quite swept me off my feet.  We're now engaged and living a wonderful life with his 2 kids, my dog and our 3 cats...Brian (15) Sandy (13 going on 32), Chloe, Louie, Frankie, and that order!  I am the executive assistant to the president of a small, high-tech MBE.  It's a grand title for a not-so-grand job...but it pays the bills.

To all those fellow '69 Grads who live in Sunny FL, write me!!  I'd love to catch up with you all before the reunion.  This 35th (OH MY GOD!! has it been that long already?) reunion is going to be soooooooo much fun!!

Friday night dances, Saturday dances in Maple Shade, the skating parties, partying at "the Christmas Tree"...oh puh-leeze, you've GOT to remember THAT!; watching Mt. Holly totally trample all over us each Homecoming Game; skipping school with Margie, Linda, Charlene...and whoever else was there; the runaway horse I was on at Hershey park;  Senior Court; trying to get away with wearing 'mini' skirts' in the business classes; Mrs. Gohagen for two years in a row, Mr. Cyr, Mr. Kraft, Mr. Gotcha (!), Mr. Johnson; Linda Gruman, Katie Hartmann, Pat Roach...good lord girls...however did we get here?

Sandy Sees Sweeney: Currently living in Toms River NJ. Divorced and have one son Frank 24 years old. After starting a career at NJ Bell in 1969 I transitioned along with the Bell System and am now with IBM as an Account Manager supporting the Lucent spinoff company Avaya Communications. What ever happened to our 30 year class reunion?????

Barbara Shusterman Folkman married Bob Folkman (class of '67) in 1970. They have two children (Brian 23 and Barbara 21). They recently built a new home on Lake Keowee in Seneca, SC and would love to hear from any old friends.

Kurt Turner: I have been married to Jo for 30+ years now and we have a daughter, Nancy, 12 years old.  We recently move to Denver, from Atlanta.  I work for western Union as GM on several new distribution initiatves.  We have moved around quite a bit, but hope that this is our last move, at least until retirement.  We found out, after moving to Denver, that we had lived about 7 miles from Barb Blair and her family in Atlanta for 6 years.  Small world.

Memories: The explosion Charlie Dixon and I created in chemistry and so many more.

Susan VanHoy:   I have been married for almost 31 years to my husband, Phil, who I met at college in Virginia.  We have three sons.  Christopher just turned 30 recently married to Shannon.  On March 6 they honored us with our first grand daughter, Emilia Grace.  Emilia was born 6 weeks early, but is home and doing great.  Chris is a chef at an inn in Middleburg, Virginia.  Our son, Joshua, is 23 and lives at home.  Joshua was born with Downs Syndrome. He is one of the sweetest sons I could ever had.  Our baby, Andrew, is almost 21 and a sophomore at Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ.  We are all very involved in Special Olympics because of Joshua.  Phil has been a counselor in Berlin with the Camden County ARC for the last 15 years.  I have been teaching business/computer classes at Camden County Technical School in Pennsauken for the last 14 years and taught 10 years in West Virginia.  I have also been an adviser of Future Business Leaders for the last 21 years.

Memories: My fondest memories of Lenape are the football games in the fall, my friendship with Ann Ord, and when Barbara Crespo lived with me during my senior year.  I visited Barbara in Argentina during the summer betwen my freshman and sophomore year at college, but lost contact with her after the military took over. 

John V. Vogt III: John Vogt is Vice President of Research & Development for Fairchild Semiconductor in Portland, Maine. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 1973 with his BSEE, John obtained his MSEE while working on the research faculty of the Institute. In 1982, John left Georgia Tech for Texas Instruments, where he was the US DSP program manager, launching the Digital Signal Processor program, which later dominated the company. John worked at Nortel Networks from 1989 to 1999 where he was responsible for the design of many telecommunications systems now in use. Chances are that many of the telephone calls you have made have passed through equipment he has designed. John married Nancy Stanley in 1976. They have no children. You can reach John at

I remember the cafeteria food fight in senior year where we were all punished. I swear I had nothing to do with it.

Updated January 27, 2003

Sheesh.....I don't blame Suzanne Dillenschneider....been meaning to get all of that BS off of the listing. Martha decided it would be a nice little "welcoming gift" to play on me 2 years ago.

How 'bout we just change it to say I live in Maine with my wife Nancy & 3 cats. Does anyone else out there miss M-80s?

Ken Webb lives in Erial, NJ. He has been married for 26 years, and has 2 sons: one is 22, the other 20. He works for Amtrak as Construction Supervisor N.E. Corridor and also Local Chairman of American Railway and Airline Supervisors Association.

Memories: The Spirit of the Tribe! The Pep Rallies were awesome.

Barbara Wells Holman: After graduating from college I married Bob Holman (Lenape class of 68) in 1975 and moved to Raleigh, NC where we lived while he completed his doctorate at NCSU.  After that we lived in Northern Virginia and Edenton, NC returning to Raleigh in 1983 and living here ever since.  We have 2 children: Amy 21, a junior at ECU, and Matt 18, a high school senior who will attend either Appalachian State or NCSU next fall.  I have taught school for 20+ years having stayed home for 8 while my children were young.

Would be interested in a reunion.  I come to NJ once or twice a year since I still have family in the area.  Hope to hear from some of you.

Memories: field hockey, football games, sock dances, cruising Medford Lakes, drive-ins, late night stops at Olga's (that's for the Marlton crowd)

Shirley Wersler McGovern: I have stayed in the area - Mt. Laurel. Happily married to Frank X. (Lenape grad of 1963); two children, Mitchell, 22, attending Rowan, and Janell, 20, attending JMU in Va.; both kids went to Lenape too. It seems like I have been working forever as a legal assistant in Mt. Holly; during summer, family spends time at shore house in Ocean City, NJ.

Its scary when your kids go to Lenape and some of the same teachers are there still teaching. They seemed ancient in 1969. Remember when Mr. Dickinson (Algebra) would hide under desk when he would get mad at class. and sneaking out at lunch to get a Gino's Giant at Gino's in Marlton.

Sherry Wine: I am divorced. I have a daughter 34 with a grand daughter 8. My son is 22, engaged to a wonderful lady with a boy 3 (not his). I tuned and repaired pianos in my own business for 23 yrs until car accidents gave me pinched nerves. Now I have my own Music Management and Promotions Business. AND I am a DJ on WBZC 88.9 FM. www.TheMusicBiz.Biz

Terry A. Wescott-Sabin: I have lived in Erial for 13 years and have worked at Lockheed Martin in Moorestown for 18 years. Currently, I am working as a computer Systems Administrator (trouble shooting user problems). I have 3 step-children ages 24, 15 and 13, and one step-grandson 4 months. Time certainly goes way too fast after forty-something!

January 2003 Update:

I have lived in Erial for 17 years and have worked at Lockheed Martin (formerly RCA, GE, Martin Marietta) for 20 years. Currently I am a part of the Enterprise Computing group as a Unix Systems Administrator. I am currently engaged to my live-in significant other of 12 years

Memories: Pep rallies, Friday night dances and way too much agony than was necessary over boys! I sum up my time at Lenape as follows: cheerleading and boys, dances and boys, parties and boys, etc. Oh, and then there were classes to attend also!

Fred Zeile: After 20+ years retired from the Navy in '93. Ingrid and I have been living in Slidell, Louisiana for past 6 years. Currently a Vice President with Analysis & Technology, Inc, primarily providing technical services to DOD. Daughter Kirche is working on her MFA at NYU, youngest daughter Alicia is a freshman dance major at Marymount Manhatten. I agree with Mayor Pennypacker - this seems to be a good year for a reunion (unless you stop having them when we get this old).

Memories: Senior year Thursday trips to Long Beach Island when we were supposed to be tour guides at the Mt Holly jail. Everything is a good memory.